Intentional Money Coaching

Your Money, Your Values

Each of us has unique values and goals. Individual money coaching allows us to go deeper to ensure you feel confident about your money working for you.

Working 1:1 will allow us to delve into what makes you, you. We will take an in-depth look into your finances to help you make a plan that allows you to feel confident, joyful and at ease about achieving your money goals.

Sample Curriculum

+ Week 1: Abundance Mindset: By releasing the blocks that hold us back, we can live in alignment with your deepest desires and prepare ourselves to live our best soulful, joyous lives.
+ Week 2: Mapping your values: By articulating your values, you can from a place of being genuine and feel at ease when making money (and life) decisions.
+ Week 3: Taking a deep-dive into your current finances: By understanding where all our investments currently are and what needs attention, we can stock of what is and what needs attention.
+ Week 4: Budgeting: We will create a budget together that meets the values and considers all our other priorities, that feels non-restrictive, one that you look forward to looking at every month.
+ Week 5: Planning for the future: Together, we will make a step-by-step plan to achieve your zillionaire dreams.
+ Week 6: Debt-free dreams: Now that we've taken stock of what is, we will make a concrete plan to be debt-free, whether it is credit card debt, student debt or a house mortgage. We will also cover ways in which you could boost your credit score.
+ Week 7: This-or-that: Often times, we have to make a decision. " In this week, we dive into your"what if" questions: "Should I save for retirement or save towards my child’s 529 Plan? Should I pay down low-interest debt or save towards a house down payment?"
+ Week 8: Planning for the unexpected: Life happens. We will create a concrete plan for how can you live an abundant life, and ensure that if something unexpected happens, it won't be a strain on you.
+ Week 9 - 10: Living this life of abundance: In our closing weeks, we put everything together with clear next steps so you feel calm, happy and confident when you think about your finances.

Let's get this. Come as you are!

Guiding Principles

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I show up as my full self. My life experiences enable me to shine in who I am.


We care about each other's success and raise each other up, while being good to the environment.


I work in line with my personal values. I am mindful of the impact I can have by the choices I make.


I constantly affirm that my life is grounded in unconditional love, joy, power and abundance. We start there - by tackling limiting beliefs.


I believe we can get more done when we work together. I want to create a community where we can trust each other and empower each other to excel. Intentional Money is an ecosystem where money grows in conjunction with all other areas of peoples lives.


I want to democratize personal finance, and make it fun. Investing can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

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